Noritaka Yasuda President & CEO

Supporting the recovery of Japanese manufacturing and the logistics revolution with metal additive manufacturing (AM)
United by the strong bonds of ambition, with the aim of becoming the world’s leading AM company

In this current day and age, we are in the very midst of a quaternary industrial revolution, facing the onslaught of massive waves of innovation represented by keywords such as IoT, AI and Big Data. In manufacturing, too, primarily in the United States, Europe and China, the commercialization and optimization of products for mass-production through the use of additive manufacturing (AM) technologies—more commonly known as 3D printers—has begun, and a paradigm shift is set to take place in other areas including manufacturing processes and logistics.

Meanwhile, Japan has fallen significantly behind in this field. Normally for Japanese people, who have traditionally excelled in manufacturing, falling behind the rest of the world is not something that our pride should readily allow. A team of like-minded partners who feel strongly with regard to this issue have come together in solidarity to establish JAMPT; united by strong bonds of ambition with the aim of achieving the widespread popularization and penetration of AM technologies into the Japanese manufacturing industry, and becoming the world’s leading AM company.

In order to enable JAMPT to be useful as a trustworthy development partner to customers seeking to develop practical and mass-producible products utilizing AM technologies, we will invest our energies into expanding the AM market, and continue striving as we dream of the day when Japan can stand at the very top of the world in this field.

Please feel free to consult with us regarding any metal AM-related issues. Thank you.

Noritaka Yasuda
President & CEO
JAMPT Corporation