Complex form in one-process
(Heat-exchanger, Prototype)

Reverse engineering
(”Musubi-maru” character of Miyagi)

Complex form in one-process
(Injector, Prototype)

Multi-layer AM parts by SUS(lower) and Cu-alloy(upper) (Sample)

Practical Case - 1

Industrial Slitter Knife


Using new CCM alloy (cobalt-chromium-molybdenum) that resists rust, JAMPT serves Toyo Knife Co., Ltd for the development of new industrial slitter knives by EBM-AM process

Toyo Knife Co., Ltd., in cooperation with Institute for Material Research, Tohoku Univ., developed new CCM material has excellent character of both hardness and toughness with corrosion resistance.

By utilizing the new CCM material, JAMPT manufactures round-shape prototype products by EBM process, then supply to Toyo Knife Co., Ltd. since 2018, towards commercial production from 2020.