Equipment List

For metal additive manufacturing, it requires not only a metal 3D printer, but also a variety of equipment and machinery. We have inspection devices, post-machining equipment, and powder manufacturing device (PREP powder), so we can deal with the whole process requires for metal 3D printing.

Equipment List

Scanning Electron Microscope

Device Scanning Electron Microscope
Manufacturer JEOL Ltd.
Model JSM-IT500HR
Application Inspection of metallographic structure and shape/composition of metal power

Digital Microscope

Device Digital Microscope
Manufacturer HiROX
Model RH-2000
Application Surface observation

Powder Rheometer

Device Powder Rheometer
Manufacturer Freeman Technology
Model FT4
Application Measurement of fluidity of metal powder

Universal Testing Machine

Device Universal Testing Machine
Model UH-600kNX
Application Strength test

Heat Treatment Furnace

Device Heat Treatment Furnace
Manufacturer Yamato Scientific Co., Ltd.
Model F0810
Application Heat Treatment(for Stress relief)

Powder Particle Size Analyzer

Device Powder Particle Size Analyzer
Manufacturer Microtrac BEL
Model MT3200 II
Application Measurement of particle size

3D Scanner

Device 3D Scanner
Manufacturer GOM
Model ATOS Triple Scan
Application Dimensional Inspection

Electric discharge machine

Device Electric discharge machine
Manufacturer FUNUC
Application To cut works off plates


Equipment Manufacturer Model Application
Contour machine LUXO LE-500 To cut a work off a plate
Air blasting device Fuji Manufacturing   Surface deburring
Metal Cutting machine MARUTO INSTRUMENT CO., LTD.   To cut test pieces
Metal Grinding machine MARUTO INSTRUMENT CO., LTD.   To grind test pieces
Electronic Scale A&D GH-200 Measurement of density of works
Drilling machine   DNP13B-1 To make a hole
Plastic 3D Printer(FDM) RAISE3D Pro2 jig making
Digital Height Gauge     Dimensional Inspection

Software Manufacturer Type Application
CATIA Dassault 3D CAD CAD Date
Fusion 360 Autodesk 3D CAD CAD Date
Magics Materialise STL Data Editor STL Data Editor, Support Design
3-Matic Materialise 3D Modeling  

Powder Production Equipment

PREP(Plasma Rotating Electrode Process)
Powder Production Equipment

Steel Type
Ti64, TiAl、
Inconnel, Fe-Si, etc,.
Powder size

About PREP powder