Comparison of features of Electron Beam type and Laser Beam type AM machine

Heat source Electron Beam type (EBM) Laser Beam type (LBM) KEY POINTS
Output Higher(3.5~6.0kW) Lower(0.4〜0.6kW)  
Materials Enables use of high melting-point material Does not allow for use of high melting-point materials (and high reflection material, such as pure-copper)  
Powder size 45~105μm <45μm Powder size difference due to power of heat source
Layer thickness 50~90μm 20~50μm Layer thickness affect on forming time
Chamber tmosphere Vacuumed / Preheated Inert gas substituted EBM requires preheat for temporary powder sintering LBM prevent oxidation by inert gas substitution
Surface Inferior Good Surface is affected by powder size and layer thickness
Support(Stress-relief)  Simple(because of preheat) Sturdy(due to ordinary temp.) Lesser support make the process more economical in terms of post process (finishing) and yield