Pure Copper

What’s new - JAMPT has unique technology about AM processing of Pure-Copper


Copper (>99.9%) is widely used for conductive and heat exchange parts due to its good conductivity of heat and electricity. Therefore, internal flow paths are required for copper parts.


Copper is recognized as a difficult material to apply AM process because the heat given by the beam diffuses instantly due to its high thermal conductivity, despite its low melting point (1,085℃).


JAMPT modify EBM process parameters (“recipe”) and succeeded to manufacture Copper(>99.9%) parts, by taking advantage of long experience since Koiwai’s time.

JAMPT can do:

Thermal Conductivity of AM coupon

Coupon No. 1 2 3 4
Angle (degree) 0 0 45 45
Diameter (m) 0.00992 0.00992 0.0099 0.00992
Thickness (m) 0.0035 0.0035 0.0035 0.00347
Weight (kg) 0.0024 0.0023982 0.0023933 0.0023976
Volume (m^3) 2.7051E-07 2.7051E-07 2.694E-07 2.682E-07
Density (kg/m^3) 8872.17239 8865.51826 8883.1874 8939.9282
Specific heat capacity* (J/kg・K) 411.233333 443.666667 459.76667 422.93333
Thermal Diffusivity* (m^2/sec) 0.00011016 0.00011137 9.789E-05 0.0001147
Thermal Conductivity (W/m・K) 401.9 438.0 399.8 433.8

* Average


Angle of AM process

Electric conductivity of AM coupon

Measurement point Conductivity


Even in the metal AM process, JAMPT could achieve high metal density by adjusting the processing parameters, and realize the expected material properties in terms of both thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity.