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As a service bureau specialized in metal 3D printing (AM), we provide integrated services from prototyping to product commercialization and mass production.

Metal 3D Printing service

Metal 3D Printing service

  • During the customer's prototype development stage, we will respond to the AM prototype requirement in a short delivery time.
  • We are able manage trial production using customer's original materials from our abundant experience.
  • We are able to meet high-mix low-volume production needs of AM practical products.
  • By utilizing AM design (DfAM), we propose further optimization of shape and material form AM production.
  • We can manufacture old parts without drawings from small lots by reverse engineering.

Material Development Support service for AM

Material Development Support service for AM

  • We are able to manage small lot milling for AM powder material development.
  • We undertake test AM production and comparative evaluation of AM material powder, which are under development by our customers.
  • We are able to conduct test production using your original materials and test / evaluate the mechanical properties.
  • We can produce and supply our original high quality AM power, PREP powders.

Product Development Support service by AM

Product Development Support service by AM

  • We will assist you in trial production and evaluation during the customer's AM product development stage.
  • We will calculate the cost during mass production and assist you in developing production parameters for further cost reduction.
  • We will evaluate and give advice on quality control during mass production.
  • We are able to propose further optimization of shape and material for AM production, utilizing AM design (DfAM),

Capabilities and Advantages

JAMPT is the first service bureau in Japan that is capable of providing comprehensive services in the field of metal AM, handling everything from powder development and manufacture to prototyping and mass production needs.
Utilizing the metal AM technologies of Koiwai Co., Ltd. (a pioneer in the world of Japanese service bureaus), technical support based on the academic backing Professor Akihiko Chiba (of the Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University), and the global network and information-gathering capabilities of Sojitz Corporation (a major sogo shosha or general trading company) as its key advantages, JAMPT offers advanced capabilities in the field of metal AM.



One-stop service towards achieving manufacture of practical, commercial products

JAMPT is capable of providing comprehensive one-stop services, handling everything from powder development and manufacture to prototyping and mass production needs. We can also handle optimization of forming recipes (i.e. machine settings) based on sound academic backing, from post-forming assessment and analysis results, and work to further improve forming quality. By continuously repeating a process of prototyping → assessment & analysis → recipe optimization, customers can aim to ultimately achieve the successful manufacture of practical commercial products and components using AM.


Extensive lineup of AM devices

JAMPT boasts Japan’s largest-scale ownership of AM devices (7 units), allowing it to cater to diverse customer needs. Our lineup includes both electron beam and laser beam type devices, as well as the very latest cutting-edge machines, enabling us to handle AM for a wide range of metal types and forming.


Respond to wide range of materials

Having a wide selection of machines, JAMPT has the capacity to manage additive manufacturing with specially selected or newly developed metal powders by customers, in addition to the commonly used powders.


Adjusting modeling parameters

JAMPT can derive optimum powder recipe and modeling recipe (setting conditions such as heat input) even with new powders in a short period of time, through a staged process of test piece creation, testing and analyzing, utilizing our own Equipment List. In addition, we propose cost reduction to customers maintaining the required quality, using our unique skills such as recipe modelling, layout changes and support optimization.