Message from the President

Realizing a world of wealth with digital manufacturing, utilizing metal additive manufacturing (AM)

A team of like-minded partners with the ambition of achieving the widespread popularization and penetration of metal AM technologies have established JAMPT in November 2017.

Although we are seeing more serial production and practical product manufacturing being conducted in overseas, the market is still in an early stage of development. I feel the market has tremendous room for growth with 3D printers being used as part of the production process of various range of manufacturing areas, through technology development of respective areas, such as raw material powder, AM machine, manufacturing technique, analysis technique, post processing and logistics revolution.

In the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, with digitalization progressing rapidly, we are facing changes in our lives in a speed we have never experienced before.

Through the daily requirements we receive from customers and experiencing the width of the industry range of potential AM implementation, the depth of the manufacturing technique, and the post processing issues, I feel there are more and more to be done for this industry by JAMPT.

JAMPT would like to play a part in establishing an affluent society by providing never seen new products and value chains, in a way of existing as part of a super-smart society, standing in the utmost front line of the metal 3D printing technology and overcoming challenges together with our customers, always putting on our thinking caps on the AM technologies at the manufacturing site. We would always like to continue to hold such spirit.

“Anything regarding metal AM? Let’s ask JAMPT!”

I would like to work vigorously to improve the company, so that such voices could be heard from the customers’ product development sites.

Ryota Kusaka
President & CEO
JAMPT Corporation