Our Resarch Lab.

About JAMPT Research Laboratory
(Closed on September 30, 2021)

JAMPT established collaborative research division in Institute for Material Research, Tohoku Univ. headed by Prof. Akihiko Chiba.

Application of advanced technology for metal AM and material development to Japan’s Craftsmanship

We will research the optimization of Metal AM by simultaneously performing the study and development of manufacturing technology and material powder suitable for Metal AM. Specifically, we will explore fundamental principles that will contribute to the optimization of manufacturing conditions in Metal AM using Laser and Electron Beams, and work on process analysis and development of optimal recipes. In addition, we research the characteristics of metal powders made by the Plasma Rotating Electrode Process (PREP), and work on the development and manufacturing of powders. Utilizing Tohoku University's equipment, we will develop simulation technologies related to analysis, evaluation and Metal AM, by collaborating with Deforming Process Laboratories headed by Prof. Chiba, for the materials research know-how. We aim to provide comprehensive solutions in the field of Metal AM technology, such as powder development and manufacturing, exploration and evaluation of optimal metal structure, and further attempts to design metal products including optimum processing and topology optimization.